Desktop Laminar Flow Push-Pull Ventilation System

Formaldehyde Exposure Prevention System COMPACT SIZE,LOW NOISE, and COMPETITIVE PRICE

Compact Table Top type

External dimensions:
800 x 550 x 1400(H) (mm)
Work space 500 x 320 x 900(H) (mm)

High Efficiency

High level laminar flow control


Model no. LP-60TU
W800 x D610 x H1130
(1450mm with air exhaust fan)
Supply air fan 2 x axial flow fan
Air volume : 2.6m³/min
Static pressure : 20Pa
Air velocity Approx. 0.4m/s at air outlet
Required air flow
More than 6.5m³/min
Light 1 x FL 20W
Weight Approx. 48kg
Power supply AC220-240V single phase 50/60Hz
Power consumption MAX 250/360W
Exterior finish Urethane painting,
baking finish
Work space material SUS 304


Air exhaust fan Sirocco fan
Air volume : more than 6.5m³/min
Static pressure : 190/370Pa (with 6.5m³/min)
Additional FL Lamp 1 x 20W FL lamp