Electronic Air Filter for Indoor Air Quality Improvement

What is TORNEX EAC for outdoor Air intake?

  • Household Air Cleaner
    • Partially purify the polluted air which brought from outside or generated within a house.
      For example・・・Dust, Pet’s hair, Pollen, Mold etc
    • Purify the polluted outdoor air before it comes into a house through air exchange system.
      For example・・・PM2.5, DEP, Yellow sand, Pollen etc

Japanese Building Standards require  “Exchange Indoor Air once in two hours ・・・”


Conventional Air Treatment

All heat exchanger system with Tornex OA cleaner


External ?Dimensions Width 1090mm 960mm
Depth 362mm 362mm
Hight 346mm 346mm
Weight 26kg 25kg
Voltage AC100V 50/60Hz AC100V 50/60Hz
Electrical consumption ?Approx. 11 W/11W
Rating air volume 350m3/hr 200m3/hr
Rating pressure drop 30Pa 20Pa
Pre-filter SUS 24 mesh
Main filter Electrostatic Precipitator
Material / Colour Steel / Power coating Black
Installations Refer to the installation manual
Temperature Environment Passing air temperature : -15 ~ 40℃
Ambient air temperature : 0 ~ 40℃

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