Odour Removal Technology

Odour Removal Technology

With passing through the filter only one time(one-pass), tobacco smell in smoking room will be reduced 92% even after *12,000 pcs of tobacco burned.*8 pcs of cigarette burned in a smoking room at one time

More than 95% of efficiency in major tobacco bad odor removal

Major gas components of tobacco TVOC also could be removed 95.3%

Target TVOC benzene Pyridine toluene ethyl benzene xylene styrene phenol limonene nicotine nicotirin
95.3 94.9 >99 96.4 90.1 95.3 93.7 82.4 95.1 >99 >99

※Above is initial figure when 8 pcs of cigarette burned
※CO and CO2 can not be removed.

What is VOC?

Generic name of substances which are liquid in general but easy to evaporate due to low boiling point and high in steam pressure

With passing through these two kinds of filter at one time (one-pass),absorb 97% of tobacco generated dusts. It can last even after 12,000 pcs of cigarette burned

ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) remove major amount of tobacco dusts first so that quasi-HEPA filter can last longer.

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